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The core skills in NanoHELP group lie in thermal-fluid sciences and combustions, micro-/nano- technology, advanced manufacturings, 3-D printings, and state-of-the-art  spectroscopies and diagnostics. The group mission is to develop high-efficiency, low-cost and sustainable power and propulsion devices, including fuel cells, electrolyzers, batteries, direct combustion engines, and electric thrusters. The research will be ranging from fundamental understanding to system optimization with a strong interdisciplinary program for the study of micro/nano-scale chemical reaction, heat/mass transport, fluid mechanics, novel materials, corrosion, degradation, surface/mechanical/chemical properties and MEMS/NEMS.

More information about Dr. Zhang can be found at http://www.utsi.edu/faculty/fzhang/fzhang.htm and http://mabe.utk.edu/people/
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